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Here are a few words from people that have benefited from my Real Estate and Seminar services...

Investment Classes

"This is one of the best courses I have taken in my sixteen years in real estate.  I would recommend it to anyone interested in income property" Kathy Tillson

“This class opened a whole new area of making money”  Jerry Yutronich

“This (class) is better than, ‘INVESTING FOR DUMMIES’”  Robin De Braal

“Easy to follow.  Practical…”    Dennis Schmidt

“Truly worth the time and money invested”  Gary Fortune   “Marilyn’s ‘grid’ and multitude of information, re: tax benefits, cash flow, lending policies, etc. have been invaluable - not to mention fun too.”  Cathy Juhas

 “Very informative!  Well worth the ‘time invested’.  Left the class feeling a lot more secure dealing with investment properties.  Came out with great marketing tools!’“. Nina Wratschko

“Marilyn is an unbelievable teacher.  Her message is clear and succinct.  Her patience is unparalleled.  As if that isn’t enough, she adds humor to the mix.  If you’ve shied away from income property, this class takes all the mystery out of it.”   Sharon L. Berjans

Real Estate Transactions

Pictured: Elizabeth & Edmund Gutsch

Recently my father and stepmother moved up here to
Visalia to be close to us so that we could help them with their day to day care. We really dreaded having to go through all the turmoil of selling their home with the long distance between us and Southern California. We had visions of having to make numerous trips back and forth to get things ready for the sale. We knew they would need the money from the sale of their home in order to fund their retirement. We didn’t even know what realtor to call, as we wanted to make sure we found someone we could have faith in to do what was best for our parents. Fortunately we were referred to Marilyn Cohn by a neighbor of our parents. She told us what a great gal Marilyn was and felt she would do an outstanding job of selling the house. After meeting Marilyn, we knew we had the right person. Thank goodness for Marilyn. She just jumped right in and did everything for us. After the initial signing of the listing papers, we were able to handle everything through fax. Marilyn even took care of contacting and scheduling contractors and cleaning crews to do some minor repairs. She was right on top of everything and sold the house in just a couple weeks. Amazingly, we had escrow closed within about 40 days. And she sold it for even more than the asking price. I don’t know how it could have been any easier. The experience was so pleasant and Marilyn was so knowledgeable about the real estate laws and regulations that we were just thrilled with her work. We would recommend Marilyn to anyone needing to sell their home. You couldn’t ask for anyone more pleasant and efficient. Thank you, Marilyn, for making the sale so painless and easy. Mike Gutsch, (Son of Edmund Gutsch)

Pictured: Judy Purvis, Alan Cox and Marilyn Cohn
(Judy & Bob Purvis referred Alan Cox to me)

My experience with Marilyn Cohn being my uncle's realtor has been nothing short of fantastic. My uncle got very sick around New Year's, had to go to the hospital and ended up in a board and care home. He made the difficult decision to sell his home. Because I am his closest (geographically) relative, he asked me to help him prepare the house for sale, find a realtor, etc. We decided on Marilyn after interviewing several realtors. We asked each realtor to define a price that would not result in the house floundering for months on end, as my uncle needs the proceeds to ensure his retirement. Marilyn proved to be practical and knowledgeable, and to have an excellent understanding of the market. She recommended a price lower than the other realtors, and justified it with market data. The end result: houses listed for what other realtors were going to ask are still on the market after months, but my uncle got a great offer in excess of the asking! Marilyn helped me in every way she could to accommodate my uncle's restricted mobility: she went to his care home and explained the process, brought the paper work, helped him fill it out. Marilyn contracted construction folks for pre-sale repairs, a job that would have been extremely difficult for me to manage remotely from Phoenix. The house has never looked better, and the offers we got reflect that. Paul Kitaj


“I Can’t Promise a Perfect Mate....
(But, I Can Help You Find a Perfect Home!!!)


“We can never thank you enough for all of the hard work and dedication to helping us find our new home.  You are one special lady.”


Jennifer and Derek Dunn

Kris Anderson, Marilyn Cohn and Gloria Smith
(Gloria referred Kris Anderson to me)

What an experience!!  Everyone told me how stressful selling a home could be.  Little did they know I had a secret weapon known as, Marilyn Cohn.  She kept telling me that it would be fun, that I was going to enjoy this experience.  I had never sold a home before, so I was concerned about how to select the right price, how should the house be prepared for showing and a million other things.  Once Marilyn and I decided on the right price, she took it from there and I am telling you we never looked back.  I say “we” because with Marilyn it truly feels like a team effort, and to top it off, it was a fun experience.  With everyone telling me how bad the market was “you are never going to sell it” “you should wait”   Well, it was on the market for about 30 days when we got the offer we liked, “SOLD”.  Marilyn was right this was a FUN experience and it really wasn’t stressful, Marilyn guided me through it like a pro and everything went more smoothly than I could imagine. 

Never having sold a house before, I relied heavily on Marilyn.  I had confidence in her knowledge and experience. After our initial meeting, I knew immediately I was in good hands.  She never wavered and was available to me at all times, even on her vacation!  She would call me just to see how I was doing, and I think she began to believe when I said if it is meant to be it will and I am just here for the ride.  Life as a funny way of working out just as it should, I feel fortunate to have had this experience with Marilyn and I know if I decide to move back to Southern California she will be my realtor!


Thanks Marilyn, for a truly happy experience,


In retrospect I can’t believe all the work you had to complete in getting this real estate sale finished. What a great job! It was wonderful to have someone with such a total understanding of this complex job including arbitrating with the owner of the property. I’m glad you are on our side. We are proud to have such a multi-talented friend.

Mary Jane and Ray Greenhill

Marilyn helped us with the sale of a rental property two years ago, and this year she helped us -- sell our home.  She did a great job on both sales, getting us top dollar, while taking care of all the details.  Marilyn is a sincerely nice person.  She is someone we trust to take care of our interests, and we would strongly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.   
Aaron & Peggy Oki

"Dear Marilyn,
There were a myriad of details which you expertly took care of...In addition, all of the escrow details went smoothly, thanks to your influence, experience and knowledge of what need to be done and when...
Your suggestion of how to address multiple offers resulted in a sales price over the asking price.  Outstanding!
What a pleasant experience this turned out to be, and what a pleasant experience it was associating with you.  There is so much stress in selling a property, and you took much of it away."
Sincerely, Brad Packer, Phyllis Crisp's Son-In-Law

pictured: Debbie Hamada, me, James and Carol Hamada
"There are so many excellent qualities about Marilyn, it is difficult to know where to start.  Our experience with Marilyn and buying a house was not only very professional; she made it a fun experience by adding her personal touch.  Marilyn is not only a great realtor, but also a fantastic human being.  Our heartfelt thanks do not seem adequate for her terrific service.  We would recommend her to anyone."
Very Sincerely,    The Hamadas

"Yes, You Can Go Home Again!"

Mitch, Mike, Me, Shirley Hundley-Mascitto, Mark (left to right)

(The Zankich Boys are pictured in front of the family fireplace, holding the address sign Mitch made when he was in junior high)
Mark Zankich found his "dream home" in 1955 when he was less than one year old.  He happily lived there with his two younger brothers, Mike and Mitch.  When his father died and his mother remarried, the home was sold to another family in 1990.  
Fourteen years later he was able to purchase his "dream home".  I was fortunate to help Mark realize one of his life goals.

"Thanks Marilyn for your dedication and commitment making the sale of our home a rewarding experience.  Marilyn Cohn's 25 years of real estate knowledge really paid off.  Her patience and unlimited attention made this transaction delightful.  Thanks again, Marilyn for selling 'Horner's Corner'."
Jack and Roberta Horner

Marilyn has assisted us with 3 properties transactions in the past 2 years. She helped us with the sale of our family home in Rolling Hills Estates. We were so impressed with Marilyn, that we asked for her to assist us in the sale of our old home in the SF Bay Area and the purchase of our new home, also in the SF Bay Area.

Specifically, we worked with Marilyn during the sale of our home in Rolling Hills Estates (2320 Carriage Dr). My family owned the home for 40 years and I grew up there. It was emotional for us when we sold the home and left the neighbors and neighborhood. Marilyn was there for us all the way.

I was confident in Marilyn's ability to handle all the real estate issues that came up during the sale. She took care of every detail. She brought us multiple qualified offers and we were able to select the most attractive offer with her assistance. Since both my brother and I live out of the area, she handled many fix-it issues in preparation to show the home. We ended up making more money that we ever imagined thanks to Marilyn!

I highly recommend Marilyn to my friends for their real estate needs. She's very knowledgeable, professional and a pleasure to work with. She is the best in the business!
Patty Pratt

"I recently decided to sell my home in Rancho Palos Verdes and asked my old friend and golf mentor, Marilyn Cohn, if she would act as my broker.  It was a wise decision as she not only sold my home in one week after it went on the market, but also she handled everything so efficiently and painlessly that my worries about selling my home completely vanished.   I knew I was in competent hands and therefore everything seemed to fall right in place."   Ann Breckenridge
Marilyn Cohn did a wonderful job as selling agent on my father's house. My father died suddenly so the whole process was something I was unprepared for and it was emotionally a difficult thing to have to do. Also complicating the selling was the fact that I live at the opposite end of the country in Upstate New York, that I work long, odd hours and that there was an unexpected dispute with a neighbor that turned up. Marilyn was very sensitive and professional throughout, taking care of all sorts of little details for me including dealing with painters, handymen, insurance companies, etc., in addition to doing the usual paperwork, and getting a good price. She made everything as convenient and painless for me as possible. Her efforts were clearly above and beyond standard service. I would heartily recommend her as a real estate agent.  Andy Aligne

We have been represented by Marilyn Cohn in two real estate transactions.
The first transcaction involved a sale of property. We began the listing with Marilyn in February. The escrow was completed four months later in June. Marilyn negotiated a final sales price that was 98.5% of the original asking price. During the escrow process, we were out of the area. We relied on Marilyn to make sure the numerous details related to this transaction were taken care of in a timely manner.

The second transaction involved a purchase of property. The search began in February. We looked at several properties within a three week period of time. Marilyn literally made herself available to us morning, noon and night. The purchase of the property selected was contingent on escrow closing within a 30 day time frame. Marilyn made sure all the escrow requirement were successfully completed within the tight 30 day deadline. Escrow opened on March 1st and closed as originally scheduled less than 30 days later.
Because of our excellent experiences with Marilyn Cohn, we would not hesitate to utilize her services as a real estate broker based on the integrity and dedication she put forth on our behalf.
   Sam and Anna Martin

This is to recount my experience in selling my house in Rancho Palos Verdes through the efforts of Marilyn Cohn.
She couldn't have put more time, effort, or expertise into the sale, meticously meeting every legal obligation, in order to avoid any difficulties in the future. She used every means at her disposal - from advertisements, to holding "open houses." She certainly went above and beyond the call of duty in dealing with contractors and other agents.
I would unhesitatingly recommend her to friends, family, or anyone interested in moving their property. Her friendly and contagious personality is another major plus in her favor.
   Bob Daniel