EASY AT 1-2-?



Add Apartment Buyers & Sellers to your Sales List        

If you have ever turned business away because you were uncomfortable with the math (or didn’t know where to begin), this is the class for you!  If you think you will ever have an opportunity to sell an apartment building, this is the class for you!

You will receive a workbook with a step-by-step procedure for analyzing property

·         Gain all the comfort, confidence and knowledge you need to deal with apartment sellers and buyers

·         Learn an easy step-by-step procedure for analyzing apartment buildings

·         Discover how buyers, sellers and lenders look at real estate investments 

·         Learn the components of an investment (cap rate, net operating income, gross multiplier & more)

·         Learn how to make a 5 year projection and determine the internal rate of return

·         Learn how to recognize a “good” deal

Student Comments

“This class opened a whole new area of making money”  Jerry Yutronich

 “This (class) is better than, ‘INVESTING FOR DUMMIES’”  Robin De Braal

“Marilyn’s ‘grid’ and multitude of information, re: tax benefits, cash flow, lending policies, etc. have been invaluable - not to mention fun too.”  Cathy Juhas

 “Very informative!  Well worth the ‘time invested’.  Left the class feeling a lot more secure dealing with investment properties.  Came out with great marketing tools!’“. Nina Wratschko


6 hours of CalBRE continuing education credit (Marilyn Cohn Seminars – #2327) 


“This course is approved for continuing education credit by the California Bureau of Real Estate.  However, this approval does not constitute an endorsement of the views or opinions which are expressed by the course sponsor, instructor, authors or lecturer”.

Bring your calculator!!  This is a practical “hands-on” workshop

LOCATION:              RE/MAX EXECS         23740 Hawthorne Blvd., Torrance, 90505  (second floor)

DATE & TIME:           



FEE:  $149.00 (price includes workbook)  Master Card and Visa Accepted

           $110.00 RE/MAX Palos Verdes and RE/MAX EXECS agents.


Your FEES will be fully refunded if you are not satisfied with with workshop after the first hour of instruction.  (Simply return the workbook and ask for a refund)

Mail application and fee to:

Marilyn Cohn, Ph.D.
P.O. Box #3023
Redondo Beach, CA 90277



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Questions?  call Marilyn  (310) 376-9175 or email marilyn @


This course is an introductory approach to analyzing residential real estate investments. This workshop has
been structured for individuals who have a desire to understand the basic concepts. It is also oriented to
licensees who have experience with investment properties, but want a greater understanding of how
investments are analyzed. Class members will learn to view a real estate investment from four different
perspectives: the Buyer, the Seller, the Lender and the Internal Revenue Service.

This workshop is a "live presentation" of material with student participation.  A workbook,
titled, “Real Estate Investment Analysis, Easy as 1-2-?” is given to the participants. It provides
a step-by-step procedure with a logical progression. Many practice problems are provided, with answers
adjacent to the practice problem. This course is a class for people who don’t like math. A hand calculator is
an essential requirement for the workshop.

Section I of the course pertains to understanding the components of an investment property and their
relationships. Terminology and simple math formulas are introduced through the use of a grid. Participants
use the appropriate math formulas and practice analyzing properties

Section II of the course makes it possible for students to create a 5 year projection on an investment
property, making specific assumptions and projections in relation to income, vacancy and expenses. They
learn about the process of amortization and how it affects an investment. And, they learn about the current
tax implications of an investment. Students also learn how to determine the internal rate of return based
upon the assumptions and projections that have been provided.


Fee: $149.00 10 minute break every 50 minutes
Time: 9:00 a.m. to 4 p.m. Lunch 11:50 to 1:00 p.m.
REFUND POLICY: Cancellation must be made 48 hours prior to the course date for a refund of the
workshop fee, less a $15.00 service charge.

course qualifies for Consumer Protection certificate number #2327)

1. You must bring a valid driver’s license or state/government issued “photo ID” and show it to
the course monitor prior to the workshop
2. You must meet the attendance requirements of 90% attendance. You will be required to
complete an attendance form and monitor your time in the class room.
3. You must pass a final examination, (20 true-multiple choice), with a score of 70% or better. You will be given
20 minutes to complete the test.  If you fail the first exam, you will be allowed to take another exam.  90% of the
questions will be different on the second examination.

STUDENT TRANSCRIPT PROCEDURES: The Course Completion Certificate will be mailed to the
licensee within 14 days after successful completion of the workshop.

COURSE & INSTRUCTOR EVALUATION: The California Bureau of Real Estate provides an evaluation form for
for this workshop. It is included as part of the General Information Sheet.  Or, you can go to the website, to complete the form.

BRE DISCLAIMER STATEMENT: “This course is approved for continuing education credit by the California
Bureau of Real Estate. However, this approval does not constitute an endorsement of the views or
opinions which are expressed by the course sponsor, instructor, authors or lecturer”.

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